• Horatiu Blajan


Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Rainy days in England...who would have thought?

I have started recently a challenging project which involves a few wedding shootings in various unique locations and where I have gathered together some amazing suppliers. The previous blog was containing photos from the first shooting organized and here you can see the second one. The main protagonists were Amelia and Mihai. They are not a couple in real life, but for this shooting they did their best to look like one. And it worked great, in my opinion. The problem we had in this case was the weather as this is something we don't have full control of. But when you have all the people involved on the move you have to carry on with the program of the day. You an see a few results below and I am proud of them, considering it was not an ideal situation. I want to say a big thank you to all the suppliers involved: Amelia and Mihai for acting as the bride and the groom, Adriana for the dress, Andrea for the hair, Cosmina( for the makeup and Claire( for the flowers. This is just the second shooting from a long queue so watch this space for more amazing photos.

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