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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

WEDDINGS, ENGAGEMENT, PORTRAITS & FAMILIES – find everything you need on my new website

About Me

Hiring Horatio Photography means you get a cohesive, high-quality process. You get me; before, during and after. I love this work and to meet me and my clients' vision, I don't outsource anything – even this website design!

You can read my short About Me to learn a little more about my passion for photography and why I love shooting weddings in the UK. From using up all of my dad's film as a child and capturing my daughter growing up – I truly know the blessings of good photos. It's a privilege to pair this passion with capturing moments of love. I give couples memories of the happiest days of their lives, and they can hold them in their hands, there's nothing more rewarding than that.


Right. Weddings. The golden hour of my work. It's always such a pleasure to travel around the UK, meet fantastic people, and be a part of the happiest and warmest atmosphere's that I can imagine.

Loving this work means I'll always have a personable attitude at the weddings I shoot. It's important to me that you and your guests always feel comfortable, secure and happy when you're getting your photos taken.

Flick through this page to see some of my clients in all of their romantic glory. It features special locations, such as the magnificent trees of Buckinghamshire, Covid-safe weddings, and even a fabulous Kilt.

Couples & Engagements

There's never a wrong time to capture your love. This page will fill your heart with some good old fashioned romance from couples, old and young, celebrating their love. You may even get some ideas for your shoot.

Engagement shoots are also a perfect way to get to know my customers. It delights me that they often go on to book me for their wedding day – and since I know a little about the couple and what they're after it makes it easier capture their dream wedding day shots which are unique and personal.

Portrait & Fashion

First things first, we all have outer beauty. Passed the magazine clichés and unattainable flawless skin, we have individual looks for a reason. My model headshots, portrait, and fashion photography leans into your essence and captures your originality for my clients in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. I offer a unique combination of savvy expertise and powerful photography to ensure your shoot is a success and you have the shot that you love.

You’ll also get further professional photography services, including pre and post-shoot advice, image editing and touch-ups. Please, follow the link to view sample photos and pricing.

Family Photography

How many times have you caught yourself saying "they grow up so fast"? It's an overused quote for a reason. Your family is always changing, and so I help give my clients the memories of these moments that they'll look back on in awe.

Each of my new Family Photography projects is a new opportunity to create lasting memories that are personal and indicative of this time in your family's life. I always like to have a discussion with my clients to which we soon arrive at the perfect vision. That can mean some stunning photographs in my cosy studio or going for a stroll through the woods.


You should have all the choice for your wedding day. Look through my Pricing page to get a full scope of the wedding photography packages I offer to meet my clients' differing needs. Exact prices, exact coverage – because transparency is key in making your planning simple.


I've gotten to know so many wonderful couples across the UK. And I've had the honour of shooting them in their backyards around Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, and Watford. Please read through some of their feedback to help you gain a full picture of my photography services.

If you want to discuss anything or make an enquiry, please follow the Contact link to get in touch. I love chatting about all of this stuff.

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