• Horatiu Blajan


Updated: Jul 19, 2021

It is not a common thing to have such a wonderful sunny day on your wedding day in England. Usually umbrellas are a must in order to not be taken by surprise. But on this special occasion we were so lucky and the sun was up almost the whole day. For us as wedding photographers it is so easy to create stunning images, that the couples will cherish forever, if we have a beautiful sun on the sky. It is easier to block too much light than to try to create it. So I was so pleased with the results of this wedding session and the couple were absolutely amazed when they saw the photos. Their statement was: " These are the memories of our best day and it is definitely an amazing asset that we will share with our grandchildren over years". Being around happy people on their happiest day and creating memories for them is the most important reason why we do wedding photography.

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