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Video Highlights: Zooming in on Our Most-Loved Wedding Photography Package

The snapshots of your wedding day are irreplaceable and honouring the day with a collection of photos to look back on is integral to your wedding. But there are other ways to capture the special mood your wedding provokes. Many couples are finding many great benefits in incorporating video into their wedding photography in the form of a video highlight reel that offers a short and succinct but touching detail of the day.

From a blank face transitioning to one of pure joy, the slow movement of the couple's first dance and the connected touches and hugs, videography captures some magic that newlyweds and their family and friends get to relive. Horatio Photography offers video highlights in our wedding photography packages that provide couples with comprehensive and captivating material to remember their wedding for the rest of their lives.

What is a video highlight reel?

A video highlight is a short film of your wedding day, including the very best moments sprinkled with a touch of candid smiles and hugs. They work to provoke the warm and emotional feeling of the day through this collage of video-captured moments in high concentration. Video highlights might include a clip of the bridal party getting ready, the bride walking down the aisle, the smiles of the couple as they kiss for the first time, the party celebrating and friends laughing together.

You can discuss what you want to include with your photographer, but adding in a section of the speeches or reading of the vows is a great way to add a message to the video. They don’t typically come with sound because the video is a collection of short clips, so for cohesion, we add a track of your choice over the highlight video, lowering the volume over the speeches and vows.

My video highlights are at a professional standard, and they include drone footage as well as clips from a professional camera. The video goes through meticulous editing with a creative touch for a well-rounded and high-quality result you'll be proud to show your wedding party. The video coupled with an emotional track makes for a truly powerful video highlight of your wedding day.

What are they used for?

Just like your wedding photos, you can reflect on their video highlights for the rest of your lives to relive your wedding day and feel the magic of the day. However, they're also a convenient form of media for showing your friends and family. Couples like to share the video on their social media so everyone at the wedding and the ones that couldn't be there can share the joy. You can also show the spark of your wedding to the guests at your next dinner party without burdening them with the time of going through a full photo collection or a 1.5 hr long video of the entire wedding.

Couples that hire a separate videographer might have the footage of the whole day, but they also might find this unnecessary and tedious. These videos require you to flick through a lot of the day that wasn't so monumental. It's also a challenge to share an entire DVD with their friends and family. Instead, a video highlighting the most important parts comes with a link that is super simple to share around as your friends can watch a three to four-minute clip at the click of a button.

How can you acquire it for your wedding?

Opting for a photographer with the capacity to include videography is the best way to go. Horatio Photography focuses on capturing stunning wedding photography throughout the day, but I also have the tools and capacity to capture a high standard video highlight. What’s more, I include a video highlight with my wedding photography package, and it’s been a stand out option for my customers.

I offer my wedding photography and video highlight package for £1890, which means you can have this professional video for only £400 more than the wedding photography package. To put that into perspective, a videographer will charge around $800 to £1000, and then you also need to hire a wedding photographer, so the costs are always well above my package.

I love working closely with couples in the planning for the photography and video highlights. If you have special requests about capturing the speeches or anything else, I’m more than happy to accommodate and help you get the day and memories you deserve.

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