• Horatiu Blajan


It was a warm and sunny afternoon on the outskirts of Bedford, early May. The bride and groom, Olivia and Tom were blessed with a beautiful weather on their wedding day which made them smile and kept them happy the whole day. The venue was an outstanding one with a beautiful outdoors area and a nicely decorated marquis, a dream for every wedding photographer. being very close to my location, only half an hour drive, I would love to come back and shoot there as this is so handy and as a Milton Keynes wedding photographer, wedding in locations next to Bedford are always something I desire to be part of. The couple was brilliant and I enjoyed so much taking photos of them. You can see the love in their eyes every time they look at each other. They were also very relaxed and easy-going so working with them was as easy as a walk in the park. Anyway, as wedding photographers we have to adapt and create stunning images wherever and whenever and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this.

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