• Horatiu Blajan


Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Studio Wedding Shoots – a Covid Silver Lining

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Covid-19 has been rough on the newly engaged. Lots of my clients have had to cancel or postpone their weddings. Others have thought ‘screw it’ and left their big plans behind to stroll down to the registry office, grab a witness off the street, and sign their marriage contract.

It’s a humbling time, to say the least – that despite your best efforts to plan a single day to celebrate your love with everyone special to you, you’re groped in uncertainty. But all is not lost. Now is an excellent time to focus on what we can control and create moments of light in the dull.

Enter studio shoot. I have recently been offering wedding shoots in my studio for brides and couples. Brides whose weddings were swept up beneath their feet, grooms who had to shrink their party, and couples that swapped their date out for a distant mirage. They’ve wanted to make the most of this time and have found some solace in a high-quality studio shoot that otherwise wouldn’t be considered.

Studio shoots allow us to capture everything in its ideal by having full control of the environment with a team of professionals. It’s a setting where we can transcend the howling winds that aim to cancel every attempt to hold your dress in place and reverse your perfectly curated hair. There’s no anger provoked by a sun-less sky that rebels against the sunny forecast. Nor any eye squints and forehead wrinkles when it does decide to pop out and cut in face-on. I guess that’s why we invented buildings.

You only need to bring your wedding outfits and your unquenchable love in your hearts. My studio takes full care of everything else, all sourced with pure care.

My favourite makeup artist (check out my other-half Cosmina’s work here) is part of the process to apply your makeup how you would on your wedding day. I love having her as part of the process because she knows her stuff, and the brides always feel their absolute best.

Lighting really is a crucial part of the photography process and in a studio you’re ensuring it’s always perfect. Paired with my camera equipment, beautiful backdrops, props to support your dress structure, and me, the photo guy, we end up with some pretty spectacular photos.

It’s obvious in the moment that the privacy of my studio gives my clients a chance to lean into their authenticity. The photo session itself is a special process that I take pride in delivering professionally. My main goal is to make you completely comfortable having your photos taken, which allows us to capture your essence in your beautiful outfits.

I’ve worked with Cosmina for a while, and as a team, we want you to feel as beautiful as you look. It also means we can offer the full service to accompany the shoot as package deals and transfer the value on to you. It’s worked out well to have this one-stop service – especially now. Pre-covid, it would have been less of an issue, but these days trying to pull everything and everyone together is a challenge at best.

If there’s any silver lining in having your wedding day upheaved, it might just be that you can take advantage of the rare opportunity to capture your wedding dress in an ideal setting for a crisp shot.

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