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Engagement photography at Horwood House - Tahnia and Dheeraj

As a busy Wedding Photographer in Milton Keynes, I usually capture wedding photography at Horwood House, but Tahnia and Dheeraj chose this beautiful venue for their engagement photoshoot.

We met at Horwood House on a relaxing May afternoon when the gardens were quiet which allowed Tahnia and Dheeraj to relax and be more intimate in the images as nobody was around. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day, but I worked with the available light and the colour in the spring blooms and managed to hide it in the images I got.

I always opt for a natural unposed look of a couple just out for a walk enjoying one another’s company. Tahnia and Dheeraj were laid back and fun to work with allowing me to capture natural images of them looking their absolute best. The result were gorgeous images that I know they are thrilled with.

We took a little walk around the formal gardens, stopping to sit on a pretty bench in front of a traditional stone wall. I got some lovely images of them embracing by the idyllic lily pond and on the steps of the main house under an arch of pretty wisteria.

My favourite image of the day was of them sitting on a blue bench in the gardens. I crouched down low to take the image through some lilac flowers, the added colour and intimate expressions on their faces was the perfect moment for a perfect image. Here, take a look!

Experienced Milton Keynes wedding photographer

There are so many reasons why I love capturing Horwood House wedding photography. But I think the main one is the diversity of the location. Horwood House offers an amazing photographical environment along with a rich variety of backdrops and colours that give me infinite creative ideas for amazing images.

Engagement photography is increasing in popularity. Some couples choose to have an engagement shoot as they often say that they feel uncomfortable being photographed or that they never like pictures of themselves. An engagement shoot is an opportunity to fix all of these worries. So that it won’t be an issue on their wedding day. It’s a chance for them to get used to me photographing them and if they need it, I can give them tips to help them to be more comfortable in front of the camera.

Many of my previous engagement shoot couples go on to use the images in their wedding stationery for invitations, guest books and thank you cards.

There was a funny moment in the middle of the shoot when Dheeraj got a message on her phone and shouted ‘Yes, they have approved it’. Dheeraj and Tahnia are both doctors, and Dheeraj had just had funding for a project approved, so there was much excitement about how the money could be best spent.

I really enjoyed capturing Tahnia and Dheeraj’s engagement photoshoot at Horwood House. Their wedding wass in August and was held at the magnificent De Vere Latimer Hotel in Chesham. I was looking forward to it as much as they were!


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