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As a busy wedding photographer in Hertfordshire, I get to work as the most exclusive wedding venues in the county and none are more impressive than South Farm.

Wedding Photographer South Farm

Wedding Photographer South Farm - Preserving Timeless Moments

South Farm confetti photo

Exploring the History of South Farm

Delve into the past with me as we explore South Farm's rich history, dating back to 1974. Once a derelict farm, this venue has transformed into a haven of love where countless couples have begun their journey together.

The rustic elegance of the barn and the lush gardens transport us to eras gone by. As you exchange your vows amidst this historical charm, you become part of a narrative that spans generations, and I am here to immortalize every moment.

The long history of South Farm dates back to the Tudor times of the 16th Century and is  entwined with that of Wimpole Hall, the largest and grandest house in Hertfordshire built in 1640 by Sir Thomas Chicheley and now a National Trust Property. The story of South Farm took many interesting turns before becoming home to the Paxman family in 1974 and opening for the first time as a wedding venue in 2005. The rest, as they say, is history, but there is much more to our story than it would first seem.

Your Love, My Lens - Horatio Photography

Your love story deserves to be documented with care and artistry, which is what Horatio Photography stands for. At South Farm, my goal is to capture the essence of your connection against the backdrop of its timeless beauty.

By combining the soulful energy of your love with the historical grandeur of South Farm, I aim to create photographs that resonate deeply. Each image will tell your story, not just through poses, but through candid moments that reveal the raw emotions of your special day.

Reliving the Romance - Showcasing Your Memories

As you browse through my portfolio, you'll step into the love stories of couples who have graced South Farm. The delicate play of light against the historic architecture brings forth an enchanting ambiance that mirrors your emotions.

My unobtrusive approach allows me to capture the intimate moments shared between you and your loved ones. These photographs will not just be pictures; they will be a testament to the love you share and the historical beauty that surrounds you.

Your Love, My Vision - Crafting Memories

As a Hertfordshire-based photographer, I have honed my craft in capturing love stories in a way that transcends time. South Farm's history becomes an integral part of my creative process, intertwining with your unique journey to create images that are both timeless and profoundly personal.

Wedding photography South Farm

Frequently asked questions

Can you incorporate the historical charm of South Farm into our photographs?

Absolutely! I thrive on weaving the historical elements of South Farm into your photographs. The venue's rich history adds a layer of depth and character to your images, making your love story even more extraordinary.

How far in advance should we book you for our South Farm wedding?

Booking early is recommended to secure your date at South Farm and my services. Capturing love stories in this enchanting venue is a privilege, and I want to ensure I dedicate my expertise to your special day.

Are there on-site accommodation options available for wedding guests at Chicheley Hall?

The guest accommodation is charming and unique. A romantic suite for the newly-weds, a collection of boutique guest bedrooms and the quirky and individual Showman’s & Romany Wagons all ensure a perfect nights sleep for you and your guests! As with everything else at South Farm, the accommodation is a little bit different. Bespoke, luxurious and charming. The luxurious guest bedrooms, Showman’s and Romany Wagons sleep 24 in total and there’s a camping area for more adventurous guests with local B&B’s and Hotels as a backup. The sister B&B, Fen Bridge Farm, just over a mile down the road is also reserved for your guests with three stylish rooms.

Embark on this journey of love with me, and together, let's capture the essence of your romance against the backdrop of South Farm's historical beauty. Reach out to me to secure your date and begin crafting the visual narrative of your love story at this enchanting Hertfordshire luxury wedding venue.

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