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Kathryn and Craig: Adding Their Special Flair to the Magnificence of Notley Tythe Barn

As a wedding photographer, I've witnessed a healthy amount of inspiration, uniqueness and character at the weddings I've shot around Milton Keynes and the UK. I love when weddings are an expression of the couples, and they're able to bring some of themselves and what they love into it.

That's why I loved shooting Kathryn and Craig's wedding at Notley Tythe Barn, who changed the dress code and encouraged guests to do things their way – to the theme of Victorian Industrial Steampunk. The guests arrived dressed to their interpretation of the theme, and Kathryn and her mother made their own cake to match. The result was a cohesive event, where everyone mixed punk and elegance incredibly – two ideas not famously mixed together! Kathryn even modified her dress and added her own decorations to break the wedding rules and conform to their own idea of style and celebration.

The Wedding

This was my first wedding since COVID-19 restrictions eased and the first for nearly all of the guests too. The excitement of being together again and celebrating love was an intoxicating feeling among family and friends. Kathryn and Craig's first dance was also their first dance in public since the pandemic began, and they got to share it with their family and closest friends. Unfortunately, restrictions still prohibited the rest of the party from joining them for a dance, but that's the mark of our times, a unique experience that they'll remember for a lifetime.

The Location

The bridal party spent an intimate morning getting ready for the day at the Travelodge, located a short drive away from the venue in Thame, where Cosmina Makeup Artist did a fantastic job of making everyone feel comfortable inside and out.

Notley Tythe Barn provides just about anything you can ask for from a wedding venue; ample parking space, various photo locations and opportunities, and a venue as beautiful as it is convenient. The barn itself stands at the end of a curated garden that epitomises Britain's natural flair. Its insides are refurbished to a premium and elegant finish, while its special barn and countryside features have been highlighted and enhanced.

I've been lucky enough to experience some spectacular wedding venues across the country being a UK wedding photographer, and Notley stands out among most of them. With its fabulous hall and gallery, barn doors that open to the garden and endless countryside views, it was a perfect way to celebrate their love. It's perfect for guests coming for the day because of the parking facilities, but for those who want to make the most of the event, accommodation in the area is top-notch too. Travelodge Thame, Long Crendon Manor and Spread Eagle Hotel are all high-standard and within a short drive to the venue.

The Photo Experience

We captured every special moment throughout the day, from the exciting atmosphere in the Travelodge rooms as the couple and bridal party got ready to the intimacy of the first dance and the cutting of the cake. The photography session took place at multiple parts of the venue – there were just too many options to pass on! Kathryn and Craig's favourite spots were next to the horses and an old, bricked cottage, which are available for all weddings booked at Notley Tythe Barn.

But really, if you're thinking of adding Notley Tythe Barn to your venue shortlist, you'll be spoilt for photo opportunities. Together we can gather inspiration from the environment, your preferences, and your unique interests to create your own picture-perfect moments. Then, as you get on with your day and live in the moment, rest assured I'll capture you at your candid best as you grace us all on the happiest day of your life.


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